Creative Ways To Use Synthetic Grass

Let’s think outside the ‘turf box’ for a minute. In addition to providing a pristine lawn for you and your friends year-round, synthetic grass isn’t meant just for the ground. When used creatively, it can upgrade your patio, your kid’s playroom or even your office space. (And how many people north of Spring Hill, TN can say they have an indoor greenspace?)

With a recent uptick in popularity, greenery around the home can enliven any area. We’ve handpicked our favorite alternative uses for faux flora, and we think you’ll agree that they’re both unexpected and aesthetically pleasing!


Nothing says sharp, sleek sophistication like grass cubes or chairs in a place of recreation, whether a public courtyard or your own backyard!

How about these lovely, lush lawn chairs? Pro: you can sit back and enjoy relaxing nature without the pests! Artificially-covered lawn furniture gives elegance to your garden and enhances its beauty.

Also – who says you need to limit your sitting possibilities? Keep it “Pinteresting,” and refresh your indoor or outdoor patio with different types of modern shapes. A variety of benches and platforms improves any room by adding an element of dimension.

Create a little dining ambience out back with these turf-covered booths! We love how high-end this looks when juxtaposed with a hardscape design here:


Need a little getaway space on your rooftop? Or a small indoor room? Be it a zen garden, a tranquil spot for morning yoga, a classy putting green or simply a private spot for relaxation, faux courtyards are the perfect space for your own little retreat. With synthetic greenery, there is way less maintenance and way more R&R!


Kids need a designated spot for play, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. With natural-feeling turf, your child can either be outside without getting dirty or inside with the sensory stimulation of grass underfoot.


Create a luxurious bed of beauty for your feet by lining pavers in an artistic design. The options are endless – from simple to complex – and it can all be done with turf. Click on the image below for more ideas!


Using greenery for dining decor such as table runners, place mats, coasters and chargers can immediately put guests at ease while also making a statement. We especially love when this is done over hardscape patios and blended with other natural elements like wood and stone.


Whether indoors or out, express yourself by hanging turf on an accent wall. You can create the feeling of nature indoors without the instability of the weather. And if you don’t have enough square footage to justify a lawn, why not go vertical? Clean, modern, eclectic, artsy or geometric – you decide!


For all those with a sloped yard in hilly middle TN, impress guests with a bold staircase! When covered in natural grass, mowing stairs is a chore. With synthetic grass, however, it remains an unchanging scene of serenity.

There are countless uses for synthetic grass that extend beyond just your lawn. Whether you’re in Columbia, Spring Hill or Franklin, we’re happy to help you make any space feel alive with Nashville Turf.