Our Process

Step 1

Remove any large rocks, stones, tree roots, old turf, and any other possible debris from the ground.

Step 2

Level the ground with a rake. Add topsoil if needed. Slope the ground gently away from the house and any other structure, such as sheds, decks or patios.

Step 3

Begin at the longest edge of the lawn. Start with a single roll of turf and unroll it so the longest side is parallel to the longest edge of the lawn.

Step 4

Line the second piece of turf up with the first. Trim any excess turf that may overlap, leaving 1/16 gap for gluing purposes.

Step 5

Seam the two panels of turf together with the turf fiber direction facing the same direction.

Step 6

Weight glued seams down with sand bags to secure complete adhesion.

Step 7

Stake and secure all edges and corners into ground or posts.

Step 8

Powerbroom filtration sand into fibers. as fibers become erect, the sand will infill the turf to the correct height.

Artificial Grass Installation Process

All NashvilleTurf personnel are fully trained, licensed and bonded, and certified. NashvilleTurf does not employ day laborers for artificial grass installation services. The patented synthetic turf installation process includes ground preparation which entails removing a portion of the existing landscaping. A blend of crushed rock is then spread and compacted to create a stable base. The artificial grass is then laid and secured. All artificial grass seams are glued and stapled to avoid them coming apart. Lastly, the synthetic grass is infilled with a rubber and sand composite. This artificial grass installation will provide the safest and most effective synthetic grass surface. Our professional synthetic grass installation crews make certain that the artificial turf grass is installed correctly down to the last detail. All NashvilleTurf staff will leave the site clean and beautiful for you to enjoy for years to come.